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Hangzhou Yuzhong Gaohong Lighting Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Premier lighting manufacturer that holds a leading position in exporting CFL Bulbs, PL Bulbs and LED bulbs

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  • Phone: +86-571-61138601
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    No.298, Gaohong South Street, Gaohong Town, Linan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
Hangzhou Yuzhong Gaohong Lighting (Woojong Lighting) is a leading lighting manufacturer with huge production capacities for CFL, PL and LED bulbs. Founded in 1995 by Linfu Zhang, Woojong Lighting today is an exciting manufacturing powerhouse with decades of experience and reputation for world-class OEM/OEM solutions as well as a genuine passion for today's challenges and a forward-thinking mind on tomorrow's science. From fluorescent lighting to solid state lighting, Woojong's unique engineering and manufacturing capabilities deliver superior value to its partners which include Philips, Osram, GE Lighting, HomeDepot, Metro, Tesco, Leroy Merlin, Ourolux, Crompton, Carrefour, Auchan and more, on a consistent basis through a development process that lowers costs and speeds time-to-market.

The spectacular economies of scale and vertical integration have positioned the company as a truely value-added provider of integrated manufacturing solutions that can rarely be found anywhere else. Woojong Lighting is the world's largest manufacturer of fluorescent plug-in lamps (FPL). The company is one of the industry's primary CFL bulb suppliers with a monthly capacity of 10 million pieces out of 20 production lines. In the era of digital lighting, Woojong stays ahead of the technology curve and continues to be a recognized leader in the manufacturing of LED lighting systems. The company invested in 30 SMT LED assembly lines of highly automated Panasonic electronics assembly equipment, which translates into a monthly turnout of 12 million LED bulbs. Woojong also manufactures LED filament bulbs through a joint venture with Epistar who holds the key LED filament and filament bulb structure patents. The joint venture has 10 production lines which output 3 million LED filament bulbs monthly.

Encouraged by the promising market demand for LED lighting products with networking and control capabilities of through the Internet of Things (IoT) platform, Woojong Lighting is working to duplicate its success in the light source sector to the light fixture business. The company is investing 200 million RMB into a dedicated facility for development and manufacturing of LED street lights, LED tunnel lights, LED flood lights, LED high bay lights, LED panel lights and OLED desk lamps. The new operation is estimated to have an annual production capacity of 65 million units of LED fixtures.

With a strong technology position, the combined expertise of its proactive workforce of 3,000 employees, and the industry's deepest practical understanding of large-scale manufacturing, Woojong Lighting has built a robust ecosystem that enables itself to offer a competitive package to meet the increasing demand for innovative and cost effective lighting products. With over 220,000 square meters of vertically integrated manufacturing facilities, every facet of your experience with Woojong Lighting takes place under one roof. All luminaire components, including LED assemblies, optics, glass and plastic housings, heat sinks, driver circuitry and control modules are developed and manufactured in this one-stop, fully equipped manufacturing megacenter. All processes, from product delivery to order fulfillment, are executed by its experienced and well-trained in-house teams following a set of documented procedures and standards, including the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 work flows.

The high level of vertical integration and standardized work flows deliver unmatched consistency of product reliability and incomparable control over product availability. All products and their components are visually inspected and functionally tested in every step of the process by leveraging the expertise of experienced QC team and the fully equipped testing facilities, including the CNAS, NEMKO and SGS accredited in-house labs. With third party verified compliance to the requirements of widely accepted certification and qualification programs such as CE, UL, CB, SAA, DLC, Energy Star, FCC, CCC, CQC, Woojong Lighting holds a dedicated, unwavering commitment to uncompromising quality and performance.
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